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About Us

Swimprovement Head Coach Dave Cameron has been an active TI Coach, Director, Master Coach, and Open Water Leader since 2004, and has been a Head Coach for high school, masters, and USA Swimming programs since 1999. 

            DAVE'S COACHING


Over the past 15 years, Dave has changed the face of triathlon swim coaching in Minnestoa and has directed and trained dozens of coaches locally, nationally, and around the world.

At his home site in Minneapolis, Dave has taken the Minneapolis Otters and Masters programs at the YWCA of Minneapolis from seasonal programs to some of the largest clubs in the state. His staff was recognized for the Age Group Coaching Team of the Year in 2014.


Dave's private lessons and swim team members have included podium finishers at numerous half-and full Ironman events, including the Kona World Championships, a world-ranked Paralympian, a state runner-up, and high school conference champions. The variety of swimmers from novice to elite is what keeps his coaching interesting and growing, 


He hosts more TI coaches at the YW than are at any other site in the US, and quickly grew to become one of the Master Coaches for TI. In clinics, camps, and lessons, he's worked with several thousand swimmers around the world with this method, and is excited to be planning his first TI publications this year.

            DAVE'S SWIMMING


Unlike many top swimmers, Dave did not start out as a natural swimmer. Coordination and technique took years to develop, and by the end of high school, he was a hard working, but injured, distance swimmer, with All-State status and two roughed-up shoulders.


College swimming introduced Dave to the value of technique work. In his first two years of college swimming, Dave had set and reset numerous team records and won two conference titles. He finished with 14 All-Conference awards, team captain, and a hunger for new challenges.

Triathletes introduced Dave to the world of open water swimming. After dabbling with a couple local triathlons, Dave jumped right up to the Everest of swimming, completing a solo swim of the English Channel in 2004. Three years later, he took off 30 minutes in another solo crossing, and he has participated in and coached numerous English Channel and Catalina solo and relay swims since.

            CLINIC STAFF


Our coaching staff includes athletes and coaches from virtually every background and motivation for getting into swimming. 


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