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Total Immersion Workshops


Our two-day Easy Freestyle Weekend Workshop will give you an incredible amount of information on your current and future stroke, equip you with drills and focal points to improve, offer you views above and underwater of your stroke throughout the weekend, and send you off with the tools of kaizen- continuous improvement- in your swimming for the rest of your life. 


Our coaches are some of the most active Total Immersion Directors and have worked with athletes from complete beginner to professional triathlete. This clinic is appropriate for any ability level with a reasonable comfort in the water.


As a Master Coach, I also am involved in new workshop formats to cover more advanced topics of speed, tempo, pacing, and other strokes. Keep an eye out for those offerings here, too!

Decontruct your swimming

You can't fix a stroke if you don't know what the problem is. Our lessons and clinics break things down into easy, understandable, elements that any beginner can pick up. 


Watching above and underwater filming of your stroke can help you make new realizations that will help prepare you for those breakthrough moments that change the feel of swimming forever.


Focus. Drill. Analyze. Repeat.



Leave with flow, understanding, and a plan for continued improvement.


We don't aim to teach people to swim. Instead, we teach swimming so that you can love it for life. Alumni of our clinics have crossed the English Channel, conquered Alcatraz weeks later, and joined us for triathlons and open water camps. 


Understanding your current stroke, using narrated online stroke review, and leaving with a plan of future changes equips you for continued improvement- the kaizen mentality that TI embraces as a fundamental principle.

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