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Clinics and Camps


Taking a day, a weekend, or even a week to commit your mind and body to swimming improvement is something every aspiring swimmer should do. Retraining habits takes time and repitition with the right coaching and direction, and use of the best tools available. 

Open Water Camps


One of my postions with Total Immersion is as a group leader at open water camps. Each year, I head off to courses in Hawai'i and the USVI to work with improvement-minded swimmer in some of the nicest swimming waters in the world.


My first open water camp of 2015 will be the Total Immersion Open Water Experience in St John, USVI

Training Camps


I also run a camp of my own each spring in Florida. This pool-focused camp covers freestyle and the other competitive strokes, but with a balance of technique work and training volume that will both engage the mind and prepare the body for faster swimming.


The next Tri Masters camp will be in the spring of 2016.

Tri Masters


Tri Masters is my summer outlet for creative energy. With two nights a week of long course (50 meter pool) time at the Richfield Municipal Pool, I'm able to work with a range of swimmers on open water and triathlon swim preparation. 


If I've got a new idea for a stroke, or a set to test out before publication, this is where it will happen. Some of my swimmers have been with me for more than a decade, and others join in hoping to complete their first tri swim a few weeks later.

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