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Additional Coaches

I often get asked about the other coaches at my clinics, and those of my partners. I'm working on profiles of some of the most frequent coaches you'll meet at my clinics.

Mandy and Stuart McDougal

This daughter-father combination leads clinics around California and Nevada, and I'm proud to codirect with them and schedule together in several locations. They bring competitive and adult-learner experience, and they even joined me for a 2014 English Channel Relay. Read more about their coaching at

Tim Walton

With over 30 years of coaching experience, Tim Walton isn't just one of the most experienced Total Immersion directors, he's also one of the only veteran coaches available for clinic and private instruction nationally. 

Whitney and Jordan Jelmeland

While I started working with Jordan ten years ago when she was a swimmer on my you team, she is rapidly approaching a decade of coaching TI and USA Swimming coaching. Both sisters direct frequently with TI, and they teach privately with all levels of swimmers

Other Coaches: Peter Voves, Rachel VanScoy
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